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Why Sugar?

Why Wax or Shave, when you can SUGAR!

Sugaring is the ancient Egyptian method of hair removal and is a 100% natural, containing only sugar, lemon and water!

Sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective for all ages and skin types. Using the traditonal ball method, sugar paste is moulded onto the skin, removing hair in the natural direction of growth, which eliminates breakage, and is less painful. 

Sugar paste is molded onto the skin and extracted in its natural direction of growth, which eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort and irritation while exfoliating only dry skin cells leaving smooth, beautiful skin.


Our Services


One Area  ~ $15 

Two Areas  ~ $30


Three Areas ~ $45


Full Face ~ $50

Upper Body

Half Arms (Top or Bottom) ~ $35


Full Arms ~ $45


Underarms ~ $25


Half Arms w/ Underarms ~$55


Full Arms w/ Underarms ~ $65

Upper Body for Men


Full Chest ~ $75


Full Back ~ $70


Full Back & Chest ~ $130


Lower Body

Bikini ~$30


Bikini Plus ~ $45


Brazilian (1st Time) ~ $65

~ $60 for Full-time Students

Brazilian Maintenance (4 weeks) ~ $60

~ $55 for Full-time Students

Brazilian (1st Time) w/ Underarms ~ $75

Brazilian w/ Underarms ~ $70


Half Legs ~ $45


Half Legs w/ Bikini ~ $65


Half Legs w/ Bikini Plus ~ $80


Half Legs w/ Brazilian (1st Time) ~ $100

Half Legs w/ Brazilian ~ $95


Full Legs ~$90


* Bikini services include a soothing french clay mask to reduce redness and help prevent ingrowns. First time clients also receive a sample of dead sea salts, which purifies the pores helping to reduce ingrowns and calm the skin. 



“I've been to other places for sugaring and they did not measure up at all. This spot is the place to beat. They do the best job hands down.” 

—  Lauren P.

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